between absences, disappointments and bad luck

Allegri is struggling with many injuries and individual performances below expectations, not the best way to get to Wednesday’s delicate challenge in the Champions League

Forget the soon Salernitana and the topic of the Var. This must be the imperative in the home Juve in the week that has the Champions League home match against Benfica. After the narrow defeat in Paris, the Bianconeri cannot commit another false step, which could damnly complicate, if not already compromise, the passage to the round of 16. The problem is that Allegri’s team gets there really badly, both from a morale point of view, and from a technical and training point of view.

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The last draw in the league was as bitter as it was disappointing. For several reasons. The team confirmed those character limits that emerged last season, together with a lack of concentration and grit, which contribute to making sensational mistakes like those seen against the Campania region. At the moment, however, the greatest concern concerns the absentees. Net of planned and prolonged absences of Church And Pogba, with every game there is some bad news coming from the infirmary. And there are still many doubts towards Benfica. Starting from Of Maria, hastily thrown into the fray after the muscle stop and stopped again. The goal is to have it available for Wednesday evening, but in what conditions it is not yet known. Certainly it will not be at its best and this is already a problem, given its importance. Then there are the cases of Locatelli And Rabiot, who left the midfield with only four role names for three places (Paredes, McKennie, Miretti and Fagioli). Only in the next few hours will it be known who will be called, but at least one of the two should recover. As if that weren’t enough, too Danilo was kept at rest as a precaution, even if the progress of the game forced Allegri (who does not yet know when he will have available as well Szczesny) to deploy him in the final. In short, there is little to rest assured.

Also because whoever is there is not convincing. Including that Vlahovic who struggles to realize the opportunities (not many to tell the truth) had and in the internal confrontation with Milik appears to be decreasing. Kostic goes to alternating current, Cuadrado confirms the sensational decline already screwed last season and also behind Bremer is the victim of unexpected amnesia. She is defending the newcomer Paredes as well as a Miretti who just lacks a little experience at certain times.

In short, the moment is delicate and if then a little bad luck puts a hand in it, you understand how the Juventus season could take a bad turn right now.

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