Beware of eating raw zucchini: crazy, that’s what happens!

Zucchini, also called with the masculine pronoun, are one of the main and most widespread vegetables found on our tables, which became extremely popular almost immediately after the discovery of America, as these plants that are part of the same family did not exist in the old continent. of the different types of pumpkin, watermelon, cucumber and even melon.

Zucchini is identified as a light vegetable, often associated with dietary diets or in any case low in “heavy” fats and nutrients but its use is also very rooted in the cosmetic contexts, as many packs for face care (but not only) they make extensive use of plants such as courgettes, obviously without a preparation, mostly raw. But what happens to actually eating them without having cooked them previously?

Beware of eating raw zucchini: crazy, that’s what happens!

It is undoubtedly a healthy vegetable, suitable for almost all diets and lends itself very well to almost any form of context and culinary dish. It is considered low-calorie because it does not reach 20 calories per hectogram of product and is also very low in sodium and fat.

In general, cooking does not excessively change the structure and capacity of the zucchini which remains very useful in the digestive phase, therefore also “cleaning” for the digestive tract, as well as having a high satiating power, thus being very useful for losing weight, indirectly .

But what can happen to eating too many raw zucchini? Given the lower presence of proteins and the greater presence of water, if consumed on an empty stomach, zucchini can cause swelling and flatulence as well as an all too strong and accentuated laxative effect, as well as an annoying effect on the stomach especially for children and those suffering from digestive problems. On the other hand, raw courgette purifies the intestine, is useful against hypertension and improves hydration, given an ingenious amount of water, as well as removing salts and waste from the body.

It is important not to eat them on an empty stomach and not to overdo the quantities, but to take them as a side dish.

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