Binotto: “We were naked, now we wear a jacket and tie” – F1 Team – Formula 1

No victories in 2020 and 2021, already four in this 2022 and with the regret that the successes could easily have been eight, well over half of the races so far (13). Ferrari had set itself the goal of returning to being competitive by exploiting the new regulation based on the ground effect and the men under the orders of Mattia Binotto they did not disappoint. The Ferrari team principal proudly underlined this fact, focusing in particular on the strength of the F1-75 qualifying: “The goal was to get back to being competitive: we were naked in 2020, here we are in a suit and tie. For 21 years never so strong in qualifying: 8 poles out of 13. The engine, a leap in performance never seen in 27 years that I have been with Ferrari. Our mole? Reliability, there was no time to cure it, hours at the counter were limited. We manage it, it takes 3 months to change an element. 7 withdrawals cost 105 points, 80 for breakages. Reliability is the first of the problems, before the strategies. In Hungary? Not a mistake, but a choice that didn’t work. The others are wrong, we are criticized because we are like the national team. We will improve decision-making and communication processes, I don’t chase people away. Happy with the developments, the directive against hopping is acceptable while the 2026 engines are not entirely satisfied, but it is a good starting point “the words of Binotto reported by today’s edition of Republic. Binotto has therefore once again certified the intention not to change anything at the Ferrari wall despite the various mistakes made at a strategic level in this 2022.

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