Biomass: what you can burn in the fireplace at home to avoid unforgivable mistakes

Heating is one of the most discussed topics in recent months, as the rise in electricity and gas prices will take far more money out of the pockets of Italians than expected. But are the tools in homes well known?

The maintenance of stoves, fireplaces and boilers could cause some confusion even to the most experienced, with this article, however, all doubts about what can be burned and what not can be clarified, so as to avoid any chance of ruining the domestic appliance. .

biomass to burn –

Biomass, natural wood and pellets

By biomass we mean a type of heterogeneous material of organic origin that has not undergone any fossilization process. Only woody biomass in its natural state can be used in domestic appliances. Both fireplaces and stoves can only burn pieces of wood in their natural state, loaded manually. In pellet stoves, on the other hand, since they have automatic refilling, only natural wood can be inserted in pellet or wood chip format.

Occasionally it may happen to hear the term “log” but there is no reason to worry as it is a simple synonym for wood in pieces or wood logs. To be more precise, however, the log has quite small dimensions, the most common measures are 30 and 50 cm. This type of wood is generally used when the humidity is around 25%.

What are pellets and wood chips instead?

The wood chips are made from “flakes” of wood obtained during the chipping of fresh wood, they vary in size and derive from woodworking, pruning and waste from trees cut in the woods. It can be used as a fuel or as part of industrial processes, or natural, but it is not to be considered as a renewable energy source as it takes a long time before it can be produced, respecting the growth times of the trees.

biomass chips to burn
biomass chips to burn –

The pellet consists of small cylinders in pressed wood, with a diameter of 6 millimeters or a little more, and is obtained from manufacturing processes that consist in compacting the waste sawdust. Thanks to this type of fuel, used in stoves, wood processing waste, which was previously almost completely thrown away, is 100% recycled, helping to save the planet.

In fact, pellet stoves are becoming more and more present in Italian homes thanks to its advantages, which allow you to have a warm home in a very short time, managing to save on the bill.

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