Bitter land, advances from 29 August to 2 September 2022

Yilmaz, who suffers terribly because he is disappointed by Zuleyha, tries to gain strength and takes refuge in his work. Zuleyha focuses on her love for Adnan. Sabahattin informs Demir of the rumors going around about him and Gulten. Demir wants to save the honor of Gulten, unjustly accused of being Sabahattin’s lover, and wants to know who it was that spread the gossip. Cornered Fadik reveals that she and Demir chased her from the mansion. Hunkar, pitying her, gives her permission to live in the barracks and work in the fields. Fadik does not rest, she is desperate because she has gone to live in the shacks and to work in the fields.

Hunkar learns of Saniye’s pregnancy. Gulten tells his brother Gaffur that she will not return home and that she will stay at Yilmaz’s home. The man is terrified of the reaction that this will trigger at the villa: he and Saniye have said that Gulten is from a relative who was injured when she fell. Demir receives a visit from the jeweler Sakip, who informs him of the sale of Sermin’s jewels. The latter, not to tell the truth, stages a theft of which she accuses Gulten. Sabahattin is very angry with Sermin because he keeps tarnishing the girl’s name. Demir, learning that Yilmaz will found the Chamber of Industry, is furious and wonders where all the money Yilmaz now has comes from.

Spoiler Terra Amara: Demir and Cengaver, fake fight!

Demir and Cengaver talk about Adnan’s death and how they lived through those moments. The pain that time has not relieved and the anger at the return of Fekeli, the murderer of his father, feed the thirst for revenge in Demir. Worried about Gulten’s disappearance, Hunkar forces Gaffur to travel to Istanbul to look for her. Gaffur and Saniye, knowing that Gulten is from Yilmaz, plan a fake departure. Sermin discovers that, in the hotel where Veli told her to stay, there are actually no guests with that name and runs to inform her friend Fusun.

Zuleyha tries to fight boredom by sewing, but her passion does not convince her husband and generates tension. In the evening, Demir and Cengaver go to a club where they argue until it comes to blows. This quarrel creates a rift between the two and Yilmaz is ready to take advantage of it. The fight between Cengaver and Demir turns out to be a ploy to lure Fekeli and Yilmaz into an abandoned warehouse where they have set a death trap. However, the two manage to escape before the explosion without the knowledge of Cengaver and Demir, convinced by now that they have got rid of their enemies. Word immediately spread that the explosion was the work of the anarchists. Zuleyha participates in a meeting of the association of which Hunkar is a member. When Yilmaz enters the club, a troubled Zuleyha asks Hunkar to be allowed to leave.

Fekeli goes to talk to Hunkar and tells her that she doesn’t know the truth of the facts. Zuleyha and Demir go to an engagement party to which Yilmaz, whom she believed dead, was also invited. Silent sparks go off between the two and a scene of jealousy from Demir towards Zuleyha, whom he suspects is still in love with Yilmaz. Gaffur escapes staged exile to cover up Gulten (who has gone to the service of Yilmaz and Fekeli). Hunkar and Fekeli meet to arrange a truce between the two sons. But Demir doesn’t seem willing and talks about it with Cengaver. Other advances of Terra amara on Telegram.

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