Bitter land, advances from 5 to 9 September 2022

Fekeli wins over the people of the neighborhood by distributing food and also promising jobs on behalf of Yilmaz. Saniye, to cover Gaffur and Gulten, has an accident with the lady; she cries for losing her baby. Sermin visits his aunt, but she ends up walking away annoyed.

Upon learning that Gulten is at Yilmaz’s home, Hunkar threatens to kick Gaffur and Saniye out of the estate if she doesn’t return immediately. When the girl explains the reasons for her escape, Hunkar promises that no one will force her to marry, then she decides to let Saniye and Gaffur stay only because she believes she is pregnant with her.

Sabahattin, who had his wife’s photos developed with Veli, confronts Sermin and tells her he wants a divorce. Gulten, sent to shop for Zuleyha, finds herself with a package for Sermin and learns from the clerk that Sermin is in debt with them. Informed of this, Hunkar opens the package, finds twins with the initials “VE” and realizes that it is Veli, who, in the meantime, convinces Fusun to give him some money and become her partner.

Hunkar goes to Sermin to ask her about the twins. Sermin denies knowing who they belong to. Hunkar, aware that Veli is behind it all, reveals to his niece that the man she trusted is a scammer. Sermin is shocked by the news and has a hard time believing it. Zuleyha goes to the village to bring clothes to Nazire, but she finds her at the creek in the throes of a seizure.

Spoiler Terra Amara: Gaffur tries to eliminate Yilmaz but …

Yilmaz, warned of Nazire’s epileptic seizure, finds himself together with Zuleyha to accompany the woman to the hospital. Once the danger is over, Yilmaz offers to take Zuleyha home, but on the way they are stopped by Demir who wants to kill the man. Zuleyha steps between the two to prevent them from shooting each other and declares to Demir his love for her without reservation. She asks him for the sake of his family not to put himself in danger. Hunkar is concerned about the return of Fekeli and Yilmaz, and that this may reignite a feud between her family and her old enemy.

Demir assures Hunkar that he promised Zuleyha that he would not shed blood, but that he will treat Fekeli and Yilmaz as enemies anyway. Fekeli orders a search for Yilmaz, who is found in a precarious condition due to an accident, and Fekeli is convinced that it is Demir’s doing. Yilmaz is alive, but in a coma in the hospital.

Taking advantage of Yilmaz’s condition, Gaffur goes to the hospital and tries to kill him. However, he is discovered by Fekeli, who captures him and tries to make him confess with bad manners, more and more convinced of Demir’s involvement in the affair. Finally, Zuleyha, with Sabahattin’s help, gives Hunkar a sleeping pill who falls into a deep sleep.

Sabahattin accompanies Zuleyha to Yilmaz, who awakens from a coma in the presence of the moved Fekeli. Yilmaz returns to the company and runs for President of the Cukurova Chamber of Commerce. Zuleyha, torn between Demir’s fear and her love for Yilmaz, decides (fearing for her son) to be faithful to her husband, but Hunkar fears that she will betray him. Sermin unmasks Veli, who threatens to reveal the true relationship between Yilmaz and Zuleyha. Sermin in turn blackmails Hunkar and the latter blackmails her for compromising photos with Veli himself.

Meanwhile, Demir and Cengo rejoice over the purchase of new land, but fear competition from Yilmaz. Fekeli apologizes to Hunkar for the raid on his home, even though he suspects that Demir attempted Yilmaz’s life. Other advances of Terra amara on Telegram.

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