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Arrived in 2019, the BMW super sports car seems to be updated in model year 2023. This can be inferred from some homologation documents that show variations

September 7, 2022

P.thoroughly revised in the model year 2019the BMW S1000RR on that occasion he introduced the command of variable destruction ShiftCam which also changes the valve lift.
A new engine to which a revised light alloy frame was joined and compacted in size. That thruster delivers the power of 207 horsepower at 13,500 rpmit pushes up to 14,600 rpm and delivers over 10 kgm of torque in the range of use that goes from 5,500 to 14,500 rpm.

For 2021 there were only chromatic innovations and this year the more refined version has been updated M1000RR launched in 2020.

Lupon expiry of the four years in the evolutions of super sports bikes (including S1000RR) it is often used, also in the color range of BMW motorcycles 2023 announced by BMW the S1000RR was not present.
Therefore, the information that comes from those who have viewed the some homologation documents in which the S1000RR of 2023 shows greater value some differences compared to the current model.

The current BMW S1000RR

T.dealing with numbers and in the absence of images, one can only make assumptions, well supported, however, by some figures.
Before putto the maximum power rises to 209.5 horsepower (2.5 more), approaching the 212 hp at 14,500 laps declared for the M1000RR.

No.However, there would be no changes in the approval code of the I unload and also the size The maximum values ​​of the bike have remained the same: if they are new on an aesthetic level, they should therefore be marginal and even the chassis dimensions should not change if not a little: there is a variation regarding the measurement of the wheelbase, which has risen to 1,457 mm. It is the same as the M1000RR version which adopts a slightly shorter final transmission ratio.

The aerodynamic appendages of the M1000RR version

The aerodynamic appendages of the M1000RR version

Andit is then possible to introduce deporting wings on the sides of the windshield that add load to the front end, as a matter of trends but above all dynamics given the performance at stake (we are forever talking about a maximum speed of 300 times) especially since the M1000RR already adopts them.

The weight does not undergo variations, stopping at 197 kg with full tank: a decidedly good value that drops to 193 kg by adopting the M.


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