Bologna-Empoli: Zanetti’s conference

Empoli: Zanetti’s conference

“That’s a good question. I would never trade anything for performance because it gives us a foundation for the future. It is normal that we all want a victory, more than anything else to bring home what we produce and for the effort we do every day. I have never hidden the esteem for the team, the guys deserve the victory and I don’t want to bring the team into a mental loop where winning at all costs makes you lose the certainties. Victory will come, it’s mathematical if we continue to believe in what we do and if we add extra attention and nastiness. Today we are beautiful but imperfect “

On the many crosses

“These are numbers that I have too, we are working on it and the numbers are rising. With the construction of the game we get there well, then we have to refine the timing between cross and striker. We try to be protagonists in the race, with facts, and the part of this first period is constant growth. We don’t want to mirror ourselves, we also have to win and if we can’t it bothers us, but creating opportunities is an important fact ”.

On Bologna

“Going to Bologna is not easy, it would have been even if Mihajlovic had been there. A particular game awaits us, we also have unknowns from the point of view of their set-up. We worked a lot on ourselves and less on our opponents than in other times. Bologna has extraordinary singles, you have to be very careful. Our dose of humility must be at its maximum ”.

On training doubts

“Beyond any doubts I may have, it is difficult to change a team that has made a great performance. The only doubts are of physical recovery, I have a couple. Basically I would like to reconfirm the team as a whole but I have situations to monitor and players who paw ”.


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