bounced in the restaurant, inappropriate clothes


The RAI presenter was not allowed to dine in a trattoria in Rome: clothing deemed not up to par

His mouth was watering already, but the restaurant he bounced her and made her go on a rampage: the protagonist of the story Andrea Delogutelevision and radio host under the Rai. To tell the episode, which happened in one trattoria in Rome, it was the direct interested who vented through a video posted on her TikTok profile. To make the woman lose her patience even further the fact that the owner of the place in question lied to her shamelessly, not having even found the courage to tell her the reason why she did not like her presence at that moment in the restaurant.

“I finish the gym, dressed as a gym. I go under the house, where she has opened a restaurant and I wanted to try it. I go to the lady outside and ask her if there are two places to eat. This lady squares me, squares the person who was with me. We were dressed for the gym, nothing special, and she tells us that the restaurant is full ”. Thus began Delogu su TikTok. Then she went on with the story, explaining how he managed to unmask the lie that has been trimmed to her. In fact, the venue wasn’t full and he didn’t even have sol out reservations for that night. What was not appreciated by the owners of the business was the clothing of the host and the person who was with her.

It was empty, there were three tables. He tells me it was full and we had to book. He gives me the note “. Andrea, disconsolate, leaves, but a doubt creeps into her head. Something about her doesn’t come back to her and she quickly becomes convinced that the restaurant lied to her. An intuition that turns out to be spot on. The litmus test of her comes shortly after, when she decides to proceed with a sharp move: she arms herself with the phone and contacts the same club that bounced her. And, as if by magic, the place to dine is there: suddenly it is no longer full and you can book. But how? What happened?

“I walk around the building and I have a doubt – Andrea continued -. I call and ask to reserve a table for twenty minutes later, for three people. He asks me if in or out and tells me he is waiting for us. I am inc… ..ta. I told her that I was the girl from before and that then they had bounced back because we were badly dressed ”.

Delogu, in the end, manages to make those who had just given her a lie to capitulate, confirming her suspicions. She was not allowed to dine in the trattoria as she did do you live worn by herself e by the person by his side have not been deemed adequate. But to make the presenter go even further was not the question linked to dress codebut the fact that she was told a nice and good lie:

“But in 2022 still the dress code in a club? We were dressed in normal clothes. And above all you tell me a lie? Tell me there is a dress code then, even though your place is a trattoria, not that it’s all full. You made me inc… .re the lie. I was disappointed ”.

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