Brain stroke, recognizing the symptoms helps prevent serious consequences as happened to this host

Onlyi in Italy, stroke is the leading cause of disability in adults, and the second leading cause of dementia. What happened on live TV to a journalist focuses on the need to know how to recognize the symptoms

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I couldn’t speak”, So Julie Chin, American journalist and presenter of Two News, has a stroke just while conducting the news. So, on live, realizing that something was wrong, she promptly passed the word to the weather. But how to recognize the symptoms?

To understand that Julie was not well were the colleagues who were with her at the time in the office and who immediately alerted the 911. Chin is now hospitalized and is now fine.

The video shows the woman who can barely say a few words before realizing that something is wrong. In a timely manner, she passes the line to the weather in order to receive first aid, in the meantime alerted by her colleagues present with her in the studio.

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Cerebral stroke: what it is and how to recognize the symptoms

Brain stroke is one cerebrovascular disease often with sudden onset.

It is a major public health issue, and its impact has significant consequences, not only on the clinical condition of those affected, but also on their families and caregivers.

THE symptoms most common of the disease are:

  • sensory deficits, i.e. tingling, loss of sensation in the lower half of the face, arm and / or leg on one side of the body with asymmetry of the mouth
  • inability to lift one arm or keep it raised to the same level as the other, and / or difficulty moving a leg
  • difficulty in speaking and understanding the language of others
  • visual disturbances in one or both eyes
  • loss of coordination of movements, feeling of dizziness or skidding
  • very severe and unusual headache

In the most serious cases there may be an alteration of the state of consciousness.

HERE you can know how to prevent a stroke.

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