Britney Spears, shocking her father / “They made me believe I had cancer”

Britney Spears, leaks a new audio shock on the years of legal protection

A new audio shock recorded by the voice of Britney Spears has come online, sowing concern and pain among the fans of the American pop star, after the glorious return to the scenes that she scored with an iconic duet. Elton John proposed a collaboration on the notes of Hold me closer and she agreed to join forces by merging into a dance-electro pop musical mix that saw the debut of the “rose and the rocket” – the symbols that represent them in their featuring. artistic – at # 1 in the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart, or the world iTunes chart at the release of the new single, on August 26th. Meanwhile, the music video of Hold me closer could be delayed, as Britney Spears is clearly upset by the 13 dark years she lived under the conservatorship, the legal institution for which from 2008 to 2021 she was deemed unable to act in her name. and self-conscious and that he saw her bound to guardians, including her father Jamie Spears, after a breakdown in the public domain in 2007, when under the prying eyes of the whole world she ended up shaving her head to zero, annihilated by the weight of a marriage with Kevin Federline turned out to be bankrupt.

There conservatorship that she should have protected it turned out to be a great nightmare, so much so that despite being freed from it last November 2021 with a sentence by Judge Brenda Penny, the “pop saint” now shares the discomfort and disturbances due on the agenda via social media. to the imprisonment lived in the years of tutelage, when she was deprived of all freedom. And in the new audio shock the pop star thunders back against the tutors, first of all her father Jamie Spears, who would have made her believe she has a tumor, a shocking sensation evoked by an old memory of an MRI done as a child: “When I was younger, towards when I was eight, I had a mass on my chest and they gave me an MRI. The doctor thought it was a cancerous mass but she wasn’t, I was completely healthy. So just hear about resonances now I worry because I think it is something serious and serious, that something is wrong with me ”.

The message of release on the family

And if as a child her session of resonance lasted about 30 minutes, during the years of protection the resonances she was subjected to at the behest of the guardians lasted longer, so much so that she feared the onset of an advanced tumor: “I did three and remained in the machine for an hour at each of three, which is a long time. Still nothing made sense, the isolation, the nurses, the constant communication. I was like, ‘Wait, this is like a new treatment for cancer? That’s why they sent me to that place, didn’t they want me to find out? Was this the big secret? ‘ I was very confused ”.

Britney is unable to forgive the troubles she had and continues to have respect for what she suffered as a result of the will of the guardians who replaced her. Hence, therefore, the bitter conclusion of the vent: “My father, and all the rest of the family, just treated me badly. My father was trying to kill me. I hope it burns in hell ”.


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