Bus full of refugees force checkpoint: two policemen dead

Two police officers were killed while trying to stop a bus carrying about fifty irregular migrants. It happened in Bulgaria, on the outskirts of the city of Burgas, about 400 kilometers east of Sofia. Shortly before 5 a.m., the Turkish-plate bus ignored several consecutive orders to stop at two border police checkpoints and, near a roundabout, turned onto the cycle path and fully took the vehicle of the border police. police.

“The smugglers and traffickers have declared war on the Bulgarian state, which will respond with all its might”, thundered the interim Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev, who promised: “I will do my best to prevent this incident from happening again and to put an end to these actions which have become more and more frequent “. To do this, “we are including the Ministry of Defense to help us”, he announced, explaining that border controls will be tightened in the coming days to discourage migratory pressure.

An eyewitness reported that two men jumped from the bus, one of whom managed to escape and the other was arrested by the police. According to the ministry, the bus carried 48 Syrians with refugee status, including women and children, and none of them were seriously injured. So far, no charges have been brought against the driver, who is also Syrian, but District Attorney Georgi Chinev has called his actions a “conscious and intentional act”.

Minister Demerdzhiev argued that border agents are also responsible for the incident. “The main reason for this incident is the insufficiently precise execution of the tasks by the Border Police, because it was not the task of the Burgas police to stop the bus. This should have been done by the Border Police first,” he said. he.

Bulgaria, a Balkan country of seven million inhabitants, is on one of the main routes for migrants from the Middle East and Afghanistan to Europe. Only a small part of them intend to stay in the poorest country in the EU, using Bulgaria instead as a transit corridor to the west.

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