But as electric cars, in China the magnetic levitation car speeds by at 230 km / h

There China the first world market for the number of electric cars sold, yet local researchers are not going to be satisfied, and are already thinking about possible future evolutions. So in recent days a first test was held for Maglev carexactly like the famous trains, very fast and efficient thanks to the process of magnetic levitation.

The test took place on a stretch of highway in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, with different cars, with different power supplies (including electric ones) with weights up to 2.8 tons. The cars have been appropriately modified, by mounting special magnets on the bottom of the car which, when in the vicinity of the modified road section, allows you to levitate about 35 mm high from the asphalt.

The idea is to create apparently normal cars, but that can insert the Maglev system when needed, so it is cover large stretches with negligible consumption. The tests, in the 7.9 km stretch, were carried out with speed up to 230 km / h but, as you can see from the video, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Unlike trains, which are bounded by the location they travel to, the cars oscillate and occasionally touch the road with their tires, a situation that certainly does not appear safe, especially at high speeds. The test was carried out by researchers from Southwest Jiaotong University, with the collaboration of the provincial transport authority, who together will continue the study.


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