but here’s how the singer has changed today

Anna Oxa, she always knows, is one of the most talented and magnificent singers in the world of Italian music… as well as one of the most beautiful women in entertainment. But have you noticed how the artist has changed?

A long career of successes, an inimitable voice and a long series of transformations that have been implemented by Anna Oxa and that have really marked the trends in fashion and beyond. As happened when the Oxa in 1999 he appeared on the stage of the Ariston with a spatial hairstyle, a tight black T-shirt and a low-waisted jeans… between the shirt and the garment a thong in evidence, revolutionizing the world of Italian fashion.

Anna Oxa, therefore, is not only synonymous with talent and inimitable voice, but also one of the artists who has most influenced the field of fashion with overwhelming looks.

What happened to Anna Oxa?

Over the years, therefore, we got to see Anna Oxa considerably change her look and image. In the 80s her look of her with short hair and a man’s dress had already let her fans understand that in the following years she would still be able to surprise everyone.

Not by chance, the dress flaunted in 1986 by Anna Oxa in Sanremothe year in which he brought into the race It’s all a moment it was also re-proposed by Noemi during the Italian Song Festival in 2022created for the artist by Alberta Ferretti.

To date, however, Anna Oxa continues to be one of the most loved singers on the Italian artistic scene, engaged in an important tour that is allowing her to touch many Italian cities. However, everything does not end there.

How has Anna Oxa changed?

Looking at the social page of Anna Oxatherefore, it is possible to follow all the artistic appointments in which the singer has taken part in recent months and not only … since to keep the bench on social networks we find the sharing of a place that portrays Anna Oxa in the foreground in a photo that was in the heart of Rome during a special visit.

The photo in question portrays Anna Oxa natural, wearing a simple outfit and black glasses on her face. A minimal look but still perfect if sported by Anna Oxa… a real success for the singer who with her stratospheric transformations continues to be counted as one of the most beautiful women and artists in the Italian entertainment and artistic world! A success, therefore, with few equals in the history of music and TV.

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