“But how did you get on? You look older ”, Meghan Markle criticized for the change of look

Meghan Markle’s change of look has sparked numerous controversies. This is how the Duchess of Sussex treated herself.

Meghan Markle’s style has always been liked by everyone even before the woman knew her handsome Prince. Markle owes her popularity to the TV series that is now available on Netflix, Suits. Meghan plays the role of a young woman on an apprenticeship to become a lawyer in a luxurious New York firm. In the series she wears very sexy sheath dresses that always show off her beautiful shapes. Even when she met Prince Harry and became part of the royal family, albeit for a very short time, she always wore her pencil skirts that have always distinguished her. Meghan is now also a mom and has often been paparazzi in super comfy looks that allow her to keep up with her kids.

Meghan Markle, this is how the Duchess of Sussex treated herself. “How did she get on?”

Known for a long time is also the rivalry between Meghan and Kate. The future Queen of England has skilfully demonstrated that she knows how to “adapt” to royal etiquette not only for how she poses but also for her stylistic choices that are always very fine and elegant. Many thought that Meghan, once introduced to her sister-in-law, would rely on her to learn to adapt to the new royal rules. To tell the truth, however, Meghan and Kate can’t stand each other. It is rumored that the cause of Meghan and Harry’s estrangement was born of a tough fight between the women.

Meghan now lives in California with her husband and children, Archie and Lilibet. The woman has often been accused of copying the looks of her sister-in-law that she can’t stand so much. Yet Kate has always been the emblem of class and elegance. This time Meghan would have done well to follow Kate’s style as everyone is criticizing her. Meghan has in fact decided to lighten her hair and her new look, according to some, “ages” her. Kate, on the other hand, has always opted for warm and golden reflections that have made her face much more harmonious. Meghan with these reflections does not convince the public as much of her even if some have remembered that the woman had light hair when she was part of the cast of Suits. that she is she ready to return to the set?

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