Cagliari, watch out for the scam of wooden beds: “Paid by credit card and never arrived”

The offer seemed tempting to him, he had confirmation from some of his other contacts that the company was real and proceeded to purchase a wooden sunbed for the terrace. Price? “Nineteen euros, discounted from 46. A very low price, impossible not to take advantage of it”. Too bad that, behind it, there was someone who, for some time, has been creating fake online sites and advertising products on Facebook that never arrive. In Cagliari, among the mocked, there is Nanni Manca Di Nissa, a retired banker: “The color of the beds is perfect, even the cushions are beautiful. At first I thought about a joke, but after three days without any negative or positive reviews I decided to buy them, using my credit card ”. Procedure performed, cot never arrived: “I also received a receipt from an alleged Chinese company, just two days after my payment”. Only after going off the hook, Nanni Manca Di Nissa discovered that he had been duped: “I browsed the internet and started to discover, by typing the company name, a sea of ​​negative reviews and users who warned against possible scams” . Alarmed, he decided to contact his bank immediately: “I wanted to cancel the payment at all costs, but it was impossible, too much time had passed by now”.

And contact the Postal Police? “Useless, the times would be very long and I can’t even find the offer on Facebook anymore. Unfortunately, I fell for it in full, and I wanted to testify what happened to me to warn others. Be careful, do not fall into this trap ”.

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