Calciomercato Lazio, Milinkovic stands firm: Juve on sale

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic remains at the center of Juventus’ ideas on the transfer market. The operation could be favored by the release clause

True, the beginning of the season of Juventus it did not go exactly as expected and we are not referring only to the pitch and the much criticized coach sitting on the bench.

Milinkovic © LaPresse

In fact, even the transfer market up to now it has not borne fruit. Despite the many purchases, the course has not changed compared to a few months ago and we refer, in particular, to the midfield. Paul Pogba And Angel Di Mariabetween injuries and various nervousness, they failed to deliver what was expected, but it is still too early for the final judgments and the management, after confirming Massimiliano Allegri, the definitive turning point on the field is expected as soon as possible. And the break, at least in this, came to the aid of the bianconeri. Then, however, there is the future and a blow that for months (if not years) has intrigued fans and professionals a lot: we are talking about Milinkovic. The Serbian has started the season in a great way with the shirt of Lazio: the last match against the Cremonese to believe it. But on the transfer market, the Juventus option could become increasingly hot in the coming months.

Milinkovic, the clause and the renewal: Juventus in ambush

Sudden turn for Juventus: the clause for Milinkovic appears
Milinkovic © LaPresse

From several transfer market sessions there has been talk of a possible farewell to the sound of millions of the Serbian midfielder to Lazio, but until today the maxi offer waiting from Claudio Lotito it never came. However, things could change in the near future and not necessarily with amazing figures. Indeed, the footballer’s contract is expiring in June 2024 and the Lazio wants to start thinking about renewal. According to reports’The Gazzetta dello Sport‘, the appointment between the biancocelesti and the agent Kezman is set for the end of the month, but the bargaining do not promise easy. Milinkovic would like one in the contract low release clause, probably to make goodbye more accessible. For now, the club makes a wall, we’ll have to talk about it again. In any case, Juventus is ready to return to the office: with the clause it would have one immediate tool to get to the player, but without renewal the price is destined to go down. But for these scenarios, perhaps, it is still too early.

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