Callas, Loren and Magnani, the Golden Lions, couples-

The only unknown factor is the weather, a constant certainty remains the red carpet. That of the Venice Film Festival 2022, 79 edition certainly among the most anticipated, like those of the Oscars and Cannes. The evening lagoon, the real red carpet, will mark this evening 31 August 2022 the opening of the Festival which will continue until 10 September. A ritual that began decades ago and has tripled today. There are now three red carpets: the arrival of the guests at the Lido in the morning, the meeting with the press also in the afternoon and that of the evening on which we are presented in “great dust”, as they used to say. This evening, starting at 7 pm, will see the appearance of Catherine Deneuve, the fascinating, grumpy and bizarre diva as never before, but the diva remains of her, to whom the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement will be awarded. On the red carpet over the decades everyone has really met, because it remains a moment of media exposure and a source of image supply, at the time for magazines, today for social media. He could not do without any star. From opera divas like Maria Callas escorted by the gossip of America, the perfidious and mephitic gossip journalist Elsa Maxwell to the “increased” divas as they once said, like Sophia Loren – perennial icon – and Gina Lollobrigida. Following models and couples. Showcase to reveal and announce personal life milestones and details. Shakespeare had already summarized what the red carpet was, mirroring human existence: The whole world is a stage and men and women are only actors. They have their exits and their entrances and in life each plays many parts. As this picture album tells. In the photo the 60 Golden Lions created for the red carpet of the 60th edition / AFP
curated by Gian Luca Bauzano

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