Camilla Parker Bowl, serious death in the family | “He committed suicide unexpectedly”

There is no peace for the royals, after the Meghan podcast that throws more than a dig at the crown, there is also a serious mourning in the family of Camilla, in addition to suicide

To make the announcement the Times who told how the man in question he would have committed suicide.

Serious mourning in Camilla’s family

Man., For years he was fighting a fierce court battle with his ex-wife Emme. The two, who separated in 1994 and filed for divorce in 2014, have presented themselves in front of well twenty judges, in five courts different. He, at some point, had come to accuse the ex-wife of bigamyclaiming that she had never divorced her previous husband. These allegations were later denied by the police investigation.

The fact is that the two had become the protagonists of one divorce battle among the longest and most bitter of the history of Great Britain. Lastly, the former spouses, who at the time of their marriage (celebrated in 1994) lived in Scotland, they were also waging war to establish the “battlefield”.

Camilla Parker Bowl, serious death in the family. Who was the man?

It is about Charles Villiers who took his own life at only 59 years old. The man would be a cousin on the mother’s side of the future queen of England.

Camilla mourns the death of a relative by suicide

His body was allegedly found by the maid in a room of the Durrants Hotel in London. His relationship with his wife had exasperated him to the point of fighting also about where the divorce hearings were to take place.

According to her, which she received from her ex-husband 10 thousand pounds of maintenance per year, in one English. In Scotland maintenance payments are generally limited to just three years after the divorce is finalized. In England, divorce laws allow the life-long financial support of the former spouse.

The economic problems and the pain of Camilla

Again according to the Times, Villiers, that in recent times he had big economic problems, at the beginning of August he was in the Greek islands on a friend’s yacht. This, worried about his mental health of man, at one point she had convinced him to return to the UK to seek help from a specialist. Instead of going to a doctor, the 59-year-old had taken a room at Durrants Hotel. And there, one day after check in, he would take his own life. No official communication from Camilla, but sources close to her tell her as extremely saddened by the grave mourning. However, she did not confirm attendance at the funeral of man.

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