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Can you eat bananas on an empty stomach? Attention, because this is the classic detail that makes (a lot) the difference

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Here we are, this year we promised that after the holidays, we would go back to getting fit and embracing a lifestyle that was healthy. Obviously one healthy life has its ingredients that cannot be missing in any way. Among these we certainly include: a not very sedentary life, the right training, the right spiritual nourishment and… not. In fact, eating well is something that is not negligible. But, eating well, especially for those who are not used to or educated to this, can also be a bit complex.

In fact, it is necessary to know the needs of one’s body in order to satisfy them. Get the right amount of protein into the body, carbohydrates, and fiber is never taken for granted.

Of course we cannot pretend that there are also fruit and vegetables, which must still be consumed in the right quantities, without exceeding.

Can you eat bananas on an empty stomach? It is a not negligible detail

Empty stomach bananas
Bananas on an empty stomach? (Pixabay)

One piece of advice is to always consume fruit Seasonal. Now that the summer is over, the good autumn fruits are about to return. Wanting to make a statistic, certainly among the most consumed there is banana. On this fruit, however, there is a lot of confusion.

That is good for sure. The high content of potassium and vitamins make it a very valid ally for our health. Among the other beneficial effects we point out that in support of bones, mood and energy. However, you will notice that the banana is an extremely sweet fruit, which therefore has a very high calorie intake, being rich in sugars.

This creates some necessary clarifications to make: obviously, those who have a sedentary life, will have to consume a maximum of one a day, if they do not want to exceed the daily calories. The situation is different for a sportsman, who can draw all the necessary energy from this fruit.

Precisely because it is rich in calories, we must avoid eating it on an empty stomach. Like every time we introduce a large number of sugars on an empty stomach, ours glucose it rises dramatically and then practically undergoes a vertical collapse after a few hours. This will create the well-known “hole in the stomach” feeling, an uncontrolled sense of hunger and also a very irritable mood.

The advice, in this case, is to choose less ripe bananas, which are usually less caloric.

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