Captain Jovanotti’s sailing ship takes off from the Abruzzo coast

VAST – The curtain falls. The Jova beach party in Vasto puts the word “end” to the event but behind that caravan of trucks that goes away, leaves controversy and discontent.

After the fun it’s time to take stock. Beautiful and ugly. True and false because each one will give different numbers.

Of course, in terms of image, the city has gained a lot.
In the village set up between the pier and the Acapulco beach, there were people from all over the neighboring regions, and not.

Almost all, however, changed hands between one day and the next, leaving it to the city a hit and run tourismmostly restricted to the concert area because those who left could no longer re-enter.

Also to the press entry was allowed in a single day and mostly without cameras.

Now the bathers from Vasto and those tourists still in town will judge the state of the Jbp host beach.

The politicians of both sides will have their say, even seizing the opinion of anyone who talks about it because we are election campaign.

To the administration who promoted it, will be asked for the final economic balance. From the money given by the Region for major events to the extraordinary use of workforce. Operators and hoteliers they will be asked to count the gains obtained and those lost.

It must be said that the fielding of such an organizational machine prevented a negative safety balance from being achieved and public order.

Regarding health, the Tua ambulance train stopped at the station of Vasto-San Salvo for the whole time of the Jbp.
For the contagion budgetwe will have to wait a few more days.

Citizens are left with the memory of inconvenience and some tokens in your pocket. The historic center lived until late at night, because after the concert the boys, those who remained, flocked there. The helicopter noise flying in the dark in the sky, around the city. But also the image of a car-free Navyassaulted by pedestrians and bicycles. A Vasto like this had never been seen before.

Here are the numbers Jova beach party provided before the concert:

  • 40 thousand spectators (20 thousand per evening)
  • 200 police officers (brigade, carabinieri, state police, financial police, civil protection and volunteers from associations)
  • 1 ambulance train
  • 3 advanced medical posts
  • 180 rescue volunteers
  • 20 doctors
  • 30 professional nurses
  • 22 ambulances
  • 37 shuttles
  • 9000 parking spaces

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