Car insurance, hefty fine and the risk of jail if such a case happens to you: the law speaks for itself

Car insurance, be very careful what you do because you risk really big. Especially if you are faced with a situation like the one we will see today, then yes you can get in trouble.

Car insurance if this happens to you it is fake for sure

Car insurance is a serious matter, at least as much as the choice of the car we are going to buy. And since it is mandatory by law, the best thing is certainly not to make mistakes that could drastically compromise our economies. Especially in cases like this that we will see today, where scammers have made a “trick” that probably got a lot of motorists in trouble.

Car insurance, the maxi scam that ended up in court: what happened

It’s all over, at least hopefully, at the Perugia Court of Appeal. A criminal group, based in Caserta but well distributed throughout the Italian territory, would be associated in order to commit many crimes with the help of computer platforms that simulated the creation of insurance policies placed on the market as if they were real.

All this, with the aim of marketing the false insurance in the absence of registration in the single electronic register of insurance and reinsurance intermediaries. But also coupons made that were then distributed among various agencies and car dealers intended for car buyers who paid for the same at no more than 40 euros.

For this story, the first degree sentence and the court of appeal of Perugia arrived, even if the defense of these criminals aimed at decriminalizing the crime of forgery in private writing. But nothing to be done, an appeal deemed unfounded and confirmed as such, with a condemnation to the payment of court costs.

Car insurance: if it is false, what we risk and how to recognize it

But if we find ourselves in a real RC Auto format scam, how should we behave? The first thing to do is to connect to the Motorist’s Portal. Click on ‘Vehicle’ or ‘Moped’. Then enter the type of vehicle and license plate, do a search and wait a few seconds.

Car insurance (Web source) August 27, 2022
Car insurance, if it’s fake big risks (Web source)

The site in question will take little to understand if you have been scammed or if you are really covered by a valid and concrete TPL. If you can’t find your insurance, well, it means you’ve been ripped off. This means that you risk big if caught driving the vehicle with fake insurance.

Not only administrative penalties, but also verbal penalties ranging from a minimum of 841 to a maximum of 3300 euros and the seizure of the vehicle. It is a crime punishable by law in all respects, and even provides up to three years in prison. In short, always check that your RC Car is in place so as not to run into really exemplary penalties.

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