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Regarding the car tax, the question has been debated for several years. It is certainly one of the taxes that are just not digested by the Italians. The other is certainly the Rai license fee. But what are the developments obtained to date? Let’s see them together, so as to stay updated on the subject.

The moment we talk about taxesusually, it is not never pleasant, but it can be even less so when it comes to taxes that have not been tolerated for decades. Among all the expenses relating to cars, the one due to the tax of stamp it is the one that the motorist would gladly avoid. Therefore, with the modification of the term of comparison, there are no changes on this front, whether the car tax is considered among the taxes, or whether it is considered among the expenses for the car.

Are we heading towards a future without a car tax to pay?

Especially in a period like the present one, in which the expenses of the everyday are increased, and precisely of the strictly necessary expenses, the presence of certain taxes is felt even more. By now, the basket type of households, in terms of consumption, is much more expensivewith the causes attributable to the war in Ukraineto the crisis in the supply of sources energetic, the consequent increase (the most significant) for electricity and gas bills, and so on. All this only affects the financial situation personal and family, with inflation that, in the last period, it has not been possible to keep much under control.

On this point, they wait reforms. But their arrival was certainly not facilitated by the fall of the government and the early recourse to new elections. The slip from times generated is significant and does not fail to bring the related effects, also in monetary terms. So, considering the whole picture, what can we expect, in terms of tax cuts, in particular the car tax? Will there be a new consideration for the current situation? What will it lead to, in the eventuality?

The situation of the car tax

Car tax: the question is often asked whether it will always be paid or not.

If there is indeed a new consideration for the past period, we could perhaps expect some changes of no small importance. Certainly, important decisions will have to be taken in the next legislature, regardless of who wins the political confrontation. And the stamp? Currently we do not speak from determined intentions in this regard, even if, very often, reference is made to a comparison with the RAI fee, which was abolished upon the occurrence of certain conditions, such as age and low income.

As just stated, it seems that there is no news for the car tax, but it is hoped that something will change in the light of changed conditionsin terms of inflation and on the basis of what has already happened with an equally difficult tax, such as the Rai license fee.

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