Carlo moves to Buckingham Palace, layoffs for staff start: 100 seats at risk

One hundred staff members of the Royal Family would be a risk of dismissal. This is the indiscretion launched by Guardian and that comes a few days after the coronation of the new English king. According to the British newspaper, the staff of Charles And Camilla received news of possible layoffs last Monday. In a letter to the staff, the king’s private secretary, Sir Clive Aldertonstressed that the new role of Carlo and Camilla, struggling with the transfer to Buckingham Palaceimplies that the residence of Clarence House will be closed. Consequently, according to Alderton, a staff cut will be “unavoidable“. At the moment, the royal house would be looking for alternative solutions for Clarence House employees. Although, according to a statement quoted by GuardianParticularly at risk would be the private secretaries, the finance department, the communications team and the domestic staff. In the letter obtained by the British newspaper, it is also specified that those who will be fired will be able to enjoy a unemployment benefit “Strengthened”, waiting to find another job “in the outside world”. According to the first reconstructions, however, the decision would have created big ones discontent in the staff of the royal family.

The other troubles of King Charles

News that certainly does not put the new British sovereign in a good light. The possible dismissal of part of the staff of him and her angry reactions the last few days, in fact, are not the only problems with which Carlo is struggling. Again according to the Guardian, the new king will also be able to escape the inheritance tax on 15 billion of pounds inherited from the mother. Thanks to a law approved in 1993, in a compromise between the royal house and the English government, the sovereign will be able to enjoy a40% exemption from inheritance tax. To avoid further criticism, however, it seems that Charles III offered to pay voluntarily the full amount.

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