Carlo Verdone, the greatest pain. A grief that has never been overcome

The director and actor Carlo Verdone has long been carrying a serious bereavement that he has never been able to overcome. The moving tale, that’s what it is.

Carlo Verdone is one of the most important names in Italian cinema known for his cult characters, representative of a certain “forced” Italy and not only that have raised generations of fans who still remember by heart the lines of the most famous films such as A lot beautiful (his directorial debut), Bianco, Rosso and Verdone, Borotalco, Acqua e Sapone, Schoolmates, up to the most recent We made it big, Benedetta follia and Si LIVE ONLY ONE TIME.

There have been many actresses who have joined him in his films from his comic soulmate Claudia Gerini to Veronica Pivetti, from Paola Cortellesi to Laura Morante up to Anna Foglietta and Ilenia Pastorelli.

As Carlo Verdone himself has repeatedly told, his career began with the theater, first that of puppets and then with the cabaret in a small theater in Rome where he began to make his characters, that is the imitations of human types of different kinds. . The show in question was called Tali e Which and it was really about imitations of characters typical of a certain Italy.

Precisely with Tali and what he was noticed by a theater critic who talked about him in the newspapers and that in fact was the launch of his career that led him to participate in the comedy program of Rai 1 Non Stop where he worked alongside comedians of the caliber of Massimo Troisi with La Smorfia, Gatti Vicoli Miracoli, the Giancattivi and many others who would become famous. It was precisely in that television gym that Carlo Verdone was noticed by the great Sergio Leone who wanted to produce his debut film, A lot nice in fact, it was 1980.

One of his testimonies reveals that as a boy he never thought of being an actor: “I was on vacation in 1968. I had hair, I often fell in love, I listened to Jimi Hendrix, I had a Vespa 50 made up and I felt happy, light. I always went to the open air cinema, smoked secretly and for this I took a few slaps from my father. I was a normal boy and becoming an actor was the last thing I would do “.

His life, however, has not always been so beautiful, sparkling and happy, even Carolo Verdone has had to face difficult moments, including a grief that has never really been overcome. Here’s what we know.

Carlo Verdone, a mourning that is not forgotten

In a recent interview Carlo Verdone told of having faced a difficult mourning for a person who has never been forgotten, it is the disappearance of his father Mario in 2009.

As everyone knows Carlo Verdone was very attached to his parents who have always supported him in all the things he did and in his career path, the following is a memory of the director on his father Mario, Sienese by birth and art critic and cinema: “I miss my father a lot. The other day I wrote a preface to a book …. When I picked up the telephone receiver to read him one of my writings, he listened and corrected me. I couldn’t find the phone. I said to myself, what are you doing? “.

One of the most told anecdotes during the interviews and meetings was often the one concerning the period in which Carlo, a student at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, had to take an exam with his father. Here’s how he remembers that moment:

“He asked me what he shouldn’t have asked me: Dreyer. He was not at all generous, making me look terrible. See you again at the next session, he dismissed me like that. On the eve, I begged him to ask me about Fellini and neorealism. At home, after the exam, he had a big laugh and said to me, ‘what would the other students have said if I had protected you? Next time get ready on Dreyer ”.

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