Carolina Stramare: two large “balconies” in the mountains

Carolina Stramare took a few days of vacation in the mountains. The photos of her that tell her are full of wonders, and they are not those of rock that are in the background

Carolina Stramare: her eyes | Instagram

Carolina Stramare, born in Genoa in 1991, has a name that tastes of the sea and perhaps for this reason she feels the attraction of something different and opposite. The mountainous and pointed peaks, which nevertheless fail to distract the attention of the public from one of the most admired women in Italy.

Carolina Stramare’s game of seduction

It is not something that is mysterious to her. And she loves to play with it abundantly by teasing her audience, highlighting what she knows is most loved by her fans, and sometimes nudging them. to the edge of the real delirium of fans. She is certainly not the only one among the stars and starlets of the show and social networks. But you must say that in your case the “numbers” are all there and the enthusiasm is certainly not unjustified. For a ex miss Italy as Carolina Stramarethe game of seduction is particularly easy.

We are talking about a ssupermodel who started her career from the top, working as a model for the Fiat group (or FCA as she likes to call herself now) and being the world testimonial of the Alfa Romeo brand: when Carolina starts “racing” there is no it’s more for anyone. She wore and had herself photographed for designers like Paul Marciano, Philipp Plein, Colmar and Tezenis.

A breathtaking “balcony” at high altitude

When resting, Carolina Stramare can travel from the deserts of Dubai to the most exotic islands. In this scorching August you have chosen a cool, and theoretically peaceful destination, thehigh mountains of our Alps. But for a woman who “pierces” the screen like her, and for a personality accustomed to living at the center of attention of her numerous and enthusiastic admirers, it must not have been easy to settle down in the solitary silence of the peaks. And here she is then peeking out at the balcony of a rustic hut, made of weathered wood and stone. The contrast of her with her figure, sparkling, and not just for the pair of flashy mirrored sunglasses wearing, couldn’t be more happily jarring.

Carolina Stramare on the balcony
Carolina Stramare and her splendid “balcony” | Instagram

Carolina Stramare on the balcony, haughty and smiling, knowing what is going to cause. An iridescent mirror screen that prevents us from seeing its mischievous eye. And her chest out of her, which she brings out its dizzying “balcony”, in front of which the miserable rustic construction behind it seems to want to disappear. Carolina Stramare is luminous, her presence dazzles. She has glasses, we don’t. Watch out for the sight, then. It could be dangerous to stare at it for too long.

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