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from Giangiacomo Schiavi

A full of Milanese irony. Surprise at Eni pumps, you pay with the instructions in Milanese. “It’s a nice idea that relaunches the use of the mother tongue, but there is a problem”

Full, pump 3, insert credit card. Put them downstairssays the recorded voice. Gulp. In Milanese dialect? Mètt denter el pin. I obey. Cata on the tri pump. I obey again. Pump 3 delivers. I finish, I withdraw the receipt a little perplexed: they recorded the instructions in the Ambrosian dialect.

Alegherwrites live from Linate distributor the reader Luigi Rancati. He means that the dialect is not dead, it is alive and fighting with us. Same scene in piazzale Bologna, Eni distributor. Except that here there is a non-EU citizen who ignores the language of Porta and Tessa and raises the alarm: “System broken” … Smiles Domenico Chiapperini, owner of the refueling station: “The answer in dialect is a nice idea that revives the use of the mother tongue, but there is a problem“, He says. Which? “Nine out of ten employees at the service station are foreigners, they don’t understand Milanese and its irony“.

Who had the good idea of ​​the dialect? Asks Rancati. «Perhaps they have read the booklets of the“ Corriere ”that revive ours ciciaremm a ciccinin»He writes. Thanks, but let’s not exaggerate. Maybe they have read the program of the Parenti theater that they want to relaunch Milanin, Milanongiven that the surplus of skyscrapers is gradually taking it away, the è dree goas the legendary Tecoppa di Mazzarella would say grim and threatening. The truth is that Eni took the initiative, and it concerns 1,700 vending machines in the various regions of Italy. A test, perhaps, or a brilliant marketing gimmick: certainly a way to put submerged languages ​​and lost identities back on track. The same happens from Verona (“Meti inside the cards, pull paper punches“) in Bari (“meh, alliv la cart and va benzin bands») With some setbacks for foreigners: but you can also choose the language.

Be that as it may, welcome back dialect. Even to the distributor, because it is a turning point, indeed, of an innovation that awakens memories and regenerates forgotten expressions, encouraging the efforts of the Milanese family, the Philological Circle and the many theatrical companies that keep the tradition alive. «Today there are few Milanese who know the Milanese. Some shuffle it, others no longer know what it means. We have lost expressions that represent a story ”, wrote the singer-songwriter Roberto Vecchioni in the last libretto of the Corriere della Sera. Perhaps this attempt by Eni is worth more than many others and does not lack political exploitation, even if Lombardy plays the lion’s share with the dialects of the various provinces, from Pavia to Bergamo to Lecco.

A curiosity: we do not know if in Brescia, faced with the hesitations of the customer at the distributor, the impatient voice will sooner or later exhort him with a
vè know from for

. And a final proposal: in Mantua, Dante’s verses in the canto of Purgatory could be added to the answer in dialect: «
O Mantoano I am Sordello of your land / and embraced each other / Ah servant Italy, of pain a hostel, a ship without a helmsman in great storm, not a woman of the provinces, but a brothel …
“. History reminds us who we areor, in dialect and in Italian.

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