Caterina Balivo, bomb revelation like a bolt from the blue: “I left it because …”

The attention of the web in these hours is focused on Caterina Balivo, who has decided to make a bombshell revelation that arrives like a bolt from the blue …

Over the years the public has got to know Caterina Balivo which, after the success of No sooner said than donehas decided to get involved with the daily show of Come to me, a program that aired on Rai Uno until June 2020. Now the presenter has begun her adventure at the helm of the Help program, but to keep track in the world of the web we find a statement that came in a completely unexpected way and that has undergone the media coverage.

Caterina Balivo, without brakes, has returned to talk about a really complicated moment in her life, during which she was forced to make a very important decision… hinting that it could not have gone differently.

The bombshell revelation of Caterina Balivo

2022 also for Caterina Balivo marked the return to full sail in front of the Rai cameras at the helm of the program ‘Help‘, and on TV8 for the show’Who wants to marry mom?‘.

An immense joy that for the Bailiff it came after a really difficult time for her, away from the screens when she was forced to make a very particular decision and which she decided to talk about only today.

“I left him”

On the occasion of a long interview with DiPiùTV magazine, Caterina Balivo has dissolved the reservations on the end of the program Come to me, greeting the public definitively without leaving a glimmer of a possible return to the scene with a new show in the daily band of Rai.

During the interview in question, therefore, here is what Caterina Balivo about the farewell to the program Come to me he has declared: “I didn’t leave him solely to follow my family. Rather, I did it for myself, because I wanted to feel free to choose when to stop working. Work isn’t everything in life“.

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