Caterina Balivo on Guido Brera, everything is happening right now: “He doesn’t want to”

Caterina Balivo breaks the silence on Guido Brera, everything is happening for the couple right now that the couple is not in Italy. Here’s what’s going on.

Those lived by have been very intense weeks Caterina Balivowhich returned in front of the TV cameras with two projects, a late evening program for Rai 2 and a prime time show on Rai 1. Now for the Balivo it is also time to leave Italy, as well as she herself had the opportunity to tell through the publication of various Instagram Stories.

The presenter is currently overseas with her husband Guido Maria Brerahere where something sensational has occurred and that the Balivo has decided to document through the publication of various videos that in no time have become virile on social media.

Caterina Balivo with a sword on Guido Brera

As we have explained above, Caterina Balivo and Guido Brera are currently located in the heart of Boston in Americathe city where the presenter went to join her husband to celebrate the man’s birthday on 27 August.

An annual and very important journey for the couple, who fully enjoy the beauty of an intimate moment for the couple, overseas to discover and rediscover an immense city like Boston. During the trip in question, however, something happened that prompted Caterina Balivo to talk about her husband Guido Maria Brera again.

“He does not want”

During a long walk in the heart of Boston, Caterina Balivo showed fans how there is a small pond in a park which has become the point of many people who also decide to take a bath, but all in total safety since the presenter herself has revealed that she has also spotted a lifeguard in the surroundings of the location.

Watching everything was also very amused by Guido Maria Brera who, however, preferred not to comment on what he and his wife were observing, a video accompanied by the ironic message by writing the following message: “He doesn’t want to make any other statements. For today he gave“.

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