Celentano, his wife Claudia Mori says enough

The public position taken by Claudia Mori caused a lot of discussion. The wife of the “sprung” said she felt humiliated and points the finger at one person in particular.

Claudia Mori with her husband Adriano Celentano | photo Ansa

Claudia Mori lets herself go during an interview with Gian Antonio Stella for Corriere della Sera. Adriano Celentano’s wife he does not send them to say and asks for an account and reason on why the series, already approved by former Rai Fiction director Fabrizio Del Noce, is not yet on the air. This is a six-part fiction “Una vita in Gioco” on the subject of gambling addiction, therefore with a strong social impact. Claudia Mori, with other successful series behind her such as De Gasperi, the man of providence and Einstein she feels firm at the pole and explains the contours of one “Humiliating and discriminating experience” who is living in the Rai home.

Claudia Mori’s accusations

Claudia Mori is not there and accuses “The most powerful and feared woman of the public company“To be responsible for the failure to broadcast saddle serious. Mori refers to “Tinny” Andreatta, at the helm of Rai Fiction after Del Noce. Summarizing the story a little, the first announcement of the release of the series was given in 2010. Shortly afterwards, Mrs. Celentano reported the situation to the Corriere: “Only 4 fictions, one every two years “. To Gian Antonio Stella Mori explains how the daughter of the former Treasury Minister Beniamino Andreatta proves to be in fact opposed to the series: “despite the relevant theme, the series does not convince her. Too many flashbacks, too many dead times, too many slowdowns … “

Possible “obstructive” reasons

According to Claudia Mori, the impediments could be different. First of all the aftermath still undigested in Rai after Rockpolitik by Adriano Celentano. Since then “they haven’t made him do anything important anymore” he accuses but Mori. “The ostracism” of Tinny Andreatta and the fact that “gambling bothers” – continues the wife of the “sprung”.

Claudia Mori with Celentano
Claudia Mori accuses Rai of filibustering – Ansa photo

In the last few years the phenomenon of gambling addiction has increased exponentially in Italy, coming to constitute itself as a real national emergency. In this regard, Mori finds it hard to believe, but then she admits: “They told me to my face, it doesn’t matter“. Finally “But how, isn’t a topic like this interested? Possible?” – says the producer.

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