Centaurus, the most dangerous and contagious variant of Covid

Centaurus, the most dangerous and contagious variant of Covid.

It could become dominant in the fall, replacing the other Omicrons. This is what emerges from a study by the University of Insubria on the molecular effects of the new Sars-CoV-2 mutations, published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine. Research has shown that mutations in Omicron Centaurus (BA.2.75), the so-called Indian variant, make the virus even more “adhesive” to the receptors of our cells than previous variants and, in particular, to Omicron 5.

“The greater ability of Centaurus to bind to the receptors of our organism, the so-called Ace2 – explains Fabio Angeli, Professor of Diseases of the cardiovascular system of Insubria – opens up new pandemic scenarios and identifies this variant as a possible dominant worldwide. Its effects in terms of aggressiveness are yet to be verified, but the increased ability to bind to our cells and the subsequent paralysis of the Ace2 receptors, which play a fundamental role in regulating our vital capacities, also lead us to suppose a likely increased capacity. in creating damage to our body – he warns – this underlines how crucial the new vaccination campaign and the restoration of individual protection measures will be “.


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