Charlene and Albert of Monaco, unexpected announcement, are all speechless

The Grimaldi family returns to make people talk about themselves, this time with a beautiful announcement. Charlene and Albert of Monaco make it known that they are not in crisis, on the contrary. And with good news they drive their subjects mad with joy. Here’s what’s the big news.

Many thought they were in crisis and the most attentive noticed a certain coldness between the two. Distant in the photos, thoughtful faces. Instead, like a bolt from the blue, Charlene and Albert of Monaco announce one good news which amazes everyone and certainly leaves no room for doubt.

Charlene and Albert of Monaco

The couple never left the headlines. In the last period she has made a lot of talk about herself because of the bad moment that was going through Charlene.

In fact, Wittstock risked her life after contracting a nasty infection. They have been months of terror, the subjects were very worried, and in addition the rumor of the probable and imminent separation has been added.

Now, instead, it’s time to rejoice: a beautiful and unexpected news has arrived that denies any hypothesis of a crisis. There was a recent one fueling the rumors event: the prince this summer had been spotted on vacation with his children, on their family yacht, without his wife.

But anyone who thought that the marriage was coming to an end was very wrong. There is no trace of divorce on the horizon, quite the opposite. Here’s what the great news which breaks the silence and has driven the most passionate subjects mad.

The Grimaldi-Wittstock family is over the moon and having a really happy time. As reported by the German weekly Das Golden Blatt, the two are planning one second honeymoon. And who knows, could there be room for a second marriage? Surely the two would have the chance.

The trip testifies that everything is going well and, a source close to the royal family, he said that the couple is very happy and there is no crisis on the horizon.

As in all relationships, even in real ones there are obstacles: and perhaps, there was a small problem, but love and the twins Jacques and Gabriella helped to overcome it successfully.

Charlene and Albert of Monaco

The destination of the future honeymoon is not yet known, what is certain is that if Charlene and Albert of Monaco have made this decision it is because they are happy and want to cultivate their feelings with a beautiful and relaxing journey.

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