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For many Italians, the current account is seen as a real safe in which to keep all their savings. Precisely because of its importance it is necessary to avoid carrying out certain actions whose risk is to lose every penny saved up to now.

There are situations in which the bank makes the decision to block a current account both online and traditional, thus forcing the customer to no longer have the possibility of use your credit.

A situation that happens for various reasons a something they do is like preventive action to avoid being confronted with debt situations that for prevent intolerance on the part of the account holder.

There are also those cases in which the account is blocked to respect the anti-money laundering rules or when a creditor makes this request. Let’s analyze in detail the reason that pushes a bank to close a current account.

In what situation a checking account is blocked

A checking account can be stuck just as this is in “red” that is when the nominee uses funds which he does not have. In this case the bank, to try to protect itself, chooses to carry out the block so as not to be in negative. This is a solution that resolves itself automatically when the account comes back in positive.

C is then the block for the anti-money laundering law which obliges account holders to go to the branch And sign a questionnaire inherent to their sensitive data. In the event that the account holder does not go to the bank within 60 days from the request to fill in the questionnaire, the checking account will be blocked.

Then there is the debt blocka situation that occurs when i creditors they get an ordinance leading the foreclosure of the postal or bank account. The moment the notification, the bank is required to constrain the same figure for which the customer is a debtor. It is an action that will not be done in one go but which will be distributed over the months.

The last case in which it is possible to be faced with a blocking of the current account is in situations of death. When the owner passes away, the current account is blocked temporarily from the bank until the succession procedure is completed.

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