choirs of the fans against the Neapolitans

One of the constants of Italian football, unfortunately in the negative, are the discriminatory chants against Naples and the Neapolitans.

In recent days, in particular, there has been even more talk of this situation for two reasons: for the presence on Spotify of a song entitled “Vesuvius erupts, all of Naples is destroyed”, then deleted from the platform after several reports, both for the usual boorish chants against the Neapolitans that occurred on the last day of the championship by the Lazio supporters And Spice.

Another shameful episode occurred tonight in the pre-match of the challenge Champions League between Paris Saint Germain And Juventus. The Juventus fans sang the following chorus: “That sector there looks like Naples, how disgusting”.

Guest sector, Psg-Juve

Recall that the Parisian and Neapolitan supporters they are linked by a strong twinningtherefore, probably for this reason the visiting fans have decided to give voice to this truly gruesome chorus against the Napoli fans.

In addition, Donnarumma was also targeted by the visiting fans when the teams entered the field for the warm-up. “You are Neapolitan” And “Son of b ******”instead, there were choirs reserved for the goalkeeper of the Italian national team.

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