Cinema, “bargain” prices throughout Italy: super offer in September

Cinema, the month of September begins with a bang: “bargain” prices throughout Italy. A super offer not to be missed

Cinema, “bargain” prices throughout Italy (Ansa Photo)

It can be said that the month of September has started in the best way, especially for those who are lovers of films and especially those who love to watch them at cinema. A sector that, during these two and a half years, has experienced an incredible and important crisis due to the Covid. Many of these, in fact, had to close the shack forever for the simple reason that they could no longer bear the costs.

In the last few minutes, however, news has arrived that will surely make all fans happy. A made it known directlynica, Anec, David di Donatello Foundation (in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture) who wanted to establish affordable prices throughout Italy. The goal is to allow the public to enter the hall with a reduced ticket compared to those that currently exist.

Cinema, affordable prices throughout Italy from 18 to 22 September

Cinema, affordable prices throughout Italy
Cinema, “bargain” prices throughout Italy (Ansa Photo)

From September 18thup to the 22 of the same month, the cinema ticket will cost the beauty of 3.50 euros. Everything was announced at the ‘Venice Film Festival during a press conference. An initiative that was made to meet the difficulties that cinemas have encountered up to now. As previously reported due to the Covid affair. This, in fact, was the thought by the Director General of Cinema and Audiovisual of the Ministry of Culture, Nicola Borrelli.

Even the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, he wanted to have his say on this initiative that is already depopulating on the net and is receiving support from a lot of people who have enthusiastically accepted everything. These were some of the words she released in a video message: “It is a bit paradoxical that such a golden moment for Italian cinema corresponds to a crisis in the cinemas. You have to convince people to go back to the cinemto: it is one thing to see him alone at home, another in that place he is a unique experience“.

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