Claudia Ruggeri, the thong is there but you can’t see it: side ‘B’ protagonist

Claudia Ruggeri delights us with a new and enchanting post that deserves to be seen with the utmost attention by all of us. To remain speechless and above all breathless: it would not be the first time that such a thing has occurred, but here it is definitely overcome

So much so that even we in the editorial team were completely speechless. If you have not yet understood what we are talking about, you must not worry at all since you have arrived in the right place and at the right time. The content is really top notch. For her, summer seems not to be over at all. A high ‘A’ absolutely starring and a thong that fits but as if it did not exist – PHOTO

Claudia Ruggeri (screenshot Instagram photo)

Claudia Ruggeri, all of them standing up for her

A new and exciting content that bears the signature of the native of Rome who never ceases to amaze her fans. She is preparing for the next season of ‘Avanti Un Altro’, where she plays the role of the legendary ‘Miss Claudia‘. By now the Italians have canceled all their afternoon commitments only to remain glued in front of the TV to be able to see her who has given us so much satisfaction. She is still doing it with the latest post that she is having the success she deserves on Instagram. This is demonstrated by the very high number of “like”And approving comments from his fans. Not only them: also that of her friend and colleague Laura Cremaschi. Even the native of Bergamo was particularly impressed, like all of us on the other hand. Now, however, no more chatter as we have arrived at the moment that all of you have been waiting with great anxiety. Our advice is to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show that is about to begin.

Claudia Ruggeri, a ‘B’ side that obscures the thong – PHOTO

Claudia Ruggeri (screenshot Instagram photo)

And here it is, more and more enchanting and seductive than ever. Obviously his side B’ it absolutely cannot go unnoticed. A physicist who definitely deserves a lot. Extraordinary shapes that deserve a lot. The thong seems to suddenly disappear. There is but it does not exist. Lovely shoulders and a decidedly too mini costume. A nice cup of coffee (you can see it from the cup in your hand) is always a great way to start the day. Even a photo of Claudia Ruggeri, however, always has its own why to tell the truth.

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