Closed number to Medicine, Udu and Verdi for Italy in chorus: “It must be abolished”

Agree on the abolition: Students for – Udu Padova and Verdi for Italy say no to the limited number of Medicine.


Domenico Amico, coordinator of the Union of University of Padua, speaks on behalf of the students: «No to the limited number, no to the training funnel, better programming and above all more funds for structures and teaching. The position of Zaia, and not only, is simplistic and populist, but the statements of Dr. Crisarà are strong: to say that the problem is linked only to the training funnel for the specialist and that too many doctors debase the prestige of the profession means to contradict oneself. . The closed number is just as wrong as the training funnel to enter the specialist, we cannot hide behind these demagogic positions: the numbers must gradually be expanded because more doctors are needed and we need to work to have more funds and better structures to train them in the best possible way. In 12 years we have lost 6 billion on the University, and these cuts have prevented the commitment of the universities to expand the limited number. But the limited number must be eliminated and it will not be possible to do it at no cost ».

Verdi for Italy

Domenico Minasola and Sebastiano Arcoraci dei Verdi for Italy instead declare: “The limited number to medicine today represents an obstacle to the preparation of the excellence of Italian healthcare as it potentially limits access to wealthier individuals who can economically support the costs of access based on quizzes. The test for all of us and for health was, in spite of ourselves, the pandemic period that demonstrated the lack of doctors and specialists to be able to support emergencies and hospitalizations. Certain demagogy must be overcome, it is urgent to have more doctors, more and more capable despite the cut in funds on the University which for over a decade has been suffering from structural improvements. The training funnel for the specialist is also demolished since the numerical barrier is not synonymous with quality. Doctors, but also nurses, are those we turn to to take care of our health and that of our children, they cannot be the result of crosses on quizzes. This year, approximately 65,000 enrolled in the medical test and 14,740 places available are expected, certainly the elimination of the limited number could generate ancillary costs for new classrooms, new professors and ancillary costs but the future of Italian healthcare is not an issue to be underestimated. . Proceed swiftly because training a doctor takes from 7 to 11 years, further delaying would mean delaying the health of Italians ».


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