comes the reaction of Francesca Pascale

There comes a sensational revelation made by Paola Tutti who in no time has made the rounds of the web, and Francesca Pascale’s reaction has really left everyone speechless.

Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale they are living a very important moment of their life after the beautiful marriage that sanctioned their union, but to keep the bench in the world of the web we also find an amazing revelation made by the artist and that has left everyone speechless.

Apparently for Francesca Pascale and his wife Paola Turci a very important moment in their lives is about to begin, which is announced in full sail.

The sensational revelation of Paola Turci

It’s been a really busy month for Paola Turciwho saw the love dream come true alongside his wife Francesca Pascale. The couple, especially in the first phase of their relationship, has always tried to keep the utmost confidentiality and then give great emotions showing themselves together, in love and happy, on their wedding day.

A particularly happy moment for both that now leaves room for something new, as well as the same Paola Turci got to reveal recently.

A new life for Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale

The recent events have allowed Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale to be protagonists of the Italian gossip, showing themselves super happy and very much in love with each other. Now, however, the time has come for the singer to come out and make a sensational announcement, supported in everything by his wife who is also happy for the projects currently underway.

In a post shared on social media, therefore, Paola Turci she indulged in the following and unexpected announcement: “I have to wait until August 29 to be back on stage but I can’t wait !! Also because it will be an unprecedented concert (the only one of the summer) with symphony orchestra and bands at the Arena di Forlì. Meanwhile, the new album takes shape and I’m passionate about it more and more (good for a hypercritical like me). But there is also another project I am – we are – working on that concerns the Theater. Another month and I’ll tell you about it ”.

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