Compulsory nursery school, Letta’s proposal divides: this is how many children it concerns and how it works in the EU

The proposal of Enrico Letta in favor ofcompulsory asylumwelcomed by whistles of the audience of the Rimini meeting, lit up the debate in politics a month before the elections of 25 September. Tough the leader of Action Carlo Calenda: “Letta said something that is neither in heaven nor on earth.” The Minister for the South, Mara Carfagna, he commented: «Not only is it in perfect Soviet style but also out of reality. The offer of crèches and kindergartens in many southern municipalities does not reach 15 per cent of resident children ». In reality, Letta’s proposal concerns the children between 3 and 5 years, and not those under the age of 3 who attend nursery schools. Today, there are little more than a little more enrolled at regular age in state and peer-reviewed preschools 1.2 million, 89 percent of all children. According to sources demthe obligation would lead to further schooling of 150 thousand children96,000 of which in state institutions, and the hiring of 8,700 teachers. The cost to the state would be 279 million per year. The gratuity for families would raise the investment to 3.6 billion per year. As reported the Republicin the EU to predict the start at 3 years are France and Hungary. In Northern Ireland, Luxembourg and Greece it starts at 4 years old, in England, Holland, Austria, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic to 5. In Estonia and Finland the entry threshold is set at 7 years.

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