Coronavirus in Italy and in the world: news and Covid case bulletin today 29 August. DIRECT

Minelli: “If first in the EU for antivirals why so many deaths?”

“Giving the correct information is a democratic duty, which is why it is not possible to continue to create a climate of suspicion with too often contradictory claims. If we are the first in Europe to administer vaccines and antivirals, we should have the results we expect, and instead we continue to count the deaths. And then one of two, or we go too far with promotional launches, but health is not tourism, or the deaths do not die of Covid-19 “. This was stated by the immunologist Mauro Minelli, responsible for Southern Italy of the Foundation for personalized medicine, to Adnkronos Salute, returning to what was stated in an interview by the director general of Aifa, Nicola Magrini, who stressed that Italy it is the first country in Europe for the use of oral antivirals and that it is necessary to clarify the numbers of deaths. “Regulatory and regulatory bodies must strive to provide answers and not ask questions. Patients ask questions,” adds the immunologist. “It would be time, because if we put in the headlines ‘still too many deaths’ and then at the bottom of the press releases or articles we slip that ‘most of the victims do not die from the virus’ then the record of administrations has no relation to the facts we talk about every day – remarked Minelli – We are talking about different things. And it is certainly not the science we are dealing with “.


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