Cristiano Ronaldo even without Osimhen’s farewell

Manchester United takes Anthony and closes to the Nigerian but the Portuguese agent works anyway to get him under Vesuvius

The doubt of the many Neapolitan fans at the news of the purchase of Antony by the Manchester United for 100 million euros it is legitimate: now they will spend the same amount for Osimhen? And therefore Cristiano Ronaldo it does not arrive? The blow of the English club did not leave him numb Jorge Mendes who has seen the strategy he had been working on cracking for days: the Nigerian in the Red Devils jersey, CR7 coached by Spalletti and 100 million in the coffers of Napoli (but De Laurentiis asks for 130-140). But the powerful agent is not the type to be discouraged, also because the final gong of the transfer market is getting closer and closer and he wants to keep the promise made to Ronaldo: to leave Manchester after only one year and for a team that plays the Champions League.

The new proposal, explains Il Mattino, then provides for the arrival of the 37-year-old in free loan for a year, leaving Napoli to pay “only” the 20% of the salaryso 6-7 million euros, leaving the rest to United. An idea to make your head spin, especially for Spalletti: just thinking of an attacking couple made up of Osimhen and Ronaldo is, to quote the Tuscan coach, “strong men for strong destinies”.

Just under 72 hours are left to frame all the pieces of an affair that remains as complicated as it is fascinating, with the Neapolitan square dreaming of embracing a champion to close a transfer campaign already full of profiles appreciated by the fans. The famous icing, even if De Laurentiis is still waiting for the cake: at the moment the proposal from United has not yet arrived but Mendes, who remains in contact with the blue patron, has promised that he will arrive.

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