Cristina Marino, without clothes, shows you the stars

Cristina Marino, the actress, model and influencer is also the wife of Luca Argentero. In this part of late summer she showed herself to the admiration of almost everyone. Also unleashing some “gnawing”. It happens when beauty is “illegal”.

Cristina Marino, the splendid wife of Luca Argentero | Instagram

It will be true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But there are also cases that manage to make everyone agree, in which perfection and harmony are so evident that it is difficult, or useless, to discuss them. This is the case of some masterpieces of classical art, carved in marble. Or of a physicist, whom nature has generously rewarded and whoexercise in the gym has constantly refined. Or at least so it should be, if social media were not always and in any case the terrain of controversy and the terrain in which everyone feels entitled to have their say, however absurd it may be.

Cristina Marino gives a “white” summer

Cristina Marino, who does not know, is the splendid wife of Luca Argentero. A pair of beautiful, archetypal masculine fascine, perfect beauty and even her blonde. If you were to do a casting in search of cinematic perfection, it would be difficult (or let’s say impossible) to do better.

Cristina Marino
Cristina Marino, in white until the end of summer | Instagram

Actor, Luca Argentero is. For Cristina Marino the definition is more multifaceted: actress but also entrepreneur and model. You made your debut in 2009, right away in a major film like Love 14, inspired by a story by best-selling author Federico Moccia. But Cristina’s success did not stop at the cinema, she overflowed on social media, making her a well-known, highly appreciated and admired influencer. As in other famous cases, the step from influencer to entrepreneur it was very short. And it was a success.

See the stars

Cristina Marino’s shots are always a concentrate of sexyness and magic. For this end of summer, she proposed wearing an elegant white costume that reveals a physique of rare perfection, tanned at the right point. A golden color that seems made to go along with the whiteness of the bikini, as she knows very well and she was keen to underline: “white until the end of summer” she wrote.

Cristina Marino
Cristina Marino and her “stellar” tattoo | Instagram

But Cristina Marino in her post also showed much more: an elegant tattoo, which exhibits the birth chart. A very interesting way of “see the stars “ an astrological note that has intrigued many, as well as leaving everyone admired, or almost. Yes, because there was also some so-called “gnawing”, especially among the ladies. Someone scolded her for taking not very natural shots. A truly incomprehensible observation, given that the nature that can be seen in his images it is the most perfect you can imagine.

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