Daniele Bossari, the disease told on social media: “I had throat cancer, I’m alive”

A post on Instagram, a confession that smells like a sigh of relief: this is how Daniele Bossari told about his disease, a throat cancer for which he was operated on at the San Raffaele in Milan and underwent chemotherapy sessions and radiotherapy. Bossari writes of “rebirth” and “acceptance”, as well as of waiting, exemplified by the tarot card of the hanged. There is the awareness: “I am alive and I can tell you about it” and there is the desire and the joy of living that are sublimated in love, “first priority”.

«The first Monday of September is the day when many start their business again. But for me, the return to the simple daily routine takes on a meaning of rebirth today – he writes -. To explain what happened to me, I use the twelfth arcane of the tarot: “the hanging one”, because it perfectly represents the condition in which I found myself ». And here his story begins: «He appeared to me in a dream on a spring night, while I was trying to make sense of the physical suffering I was feeling during the months of chemo and radiotherapy, to treat a tumor in my throat. I’m alive and I can tell you about it ». Hurray.

«In the impossibility of escaping the pain – recalls the winner of Big Brother 2017 and voice, among other things, of Radio Deejay -, I had to accept it. Hanging on the thread of fate, but with total faith in medical science, I went through the storm. While the doctors treated my body, I tried to cure my soul by putting into practice those teachings dictated by all the books I read, the spiritual texts, the meditations. The inner search had to find meaning in what was happening to me. The “hanged man” is the one who empties himself to become a recipient of luminous forces. This disease represented for me a very powerful initiatory form, forcing me to disintegrate my ego, crumbling all certainty, allowing me to revise the scale of values: what are the real priorities? The first is love ».

An ideal embrace envelops the people who love him: «The love I received from my family and from people dear to me. The help, the presence, the sacrifice of those who were close to me. And then the love of life itself. In the face of the fear of death, everything becomes more vivid ». And here is one of the most difficult acknowledgments: «Sometimes you have to go through pain to understand happiness. Now I know it well ». Thanks go to those who treated him: “I want to thank the doctors and staff of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, my family and friends who have been patiently close to me all these months, giving me the strength to face this battle “.

Soon, he assures, the details will arrive with the hope of being able to help: “I will be able to tell you everything, because I think that sharing the story gives comfort to those who are going through delicate moments similar to mine, and at the same time helps me to relieve myself , leaving room for a new life. Thanks to all of you for your love ».

The post was shared by his wife Filippa Lagerbäck who invited everyone to read it: “I love you”, the message for Daniele. Many comments of encouragement and affection, both from colleagues and ordinary people.

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