Davide Donadei, the sensational revenge against Chiara Rabbi: their dog has to do with it

Fans after Chiara’s extreme gesture believe that it is not hope for a flashback. Here’s what David did.

Davide was chosen by Maria as a tronista once the tronists and suitors could finally return to the studio. The boy after meeting several girls decided to choose Chiara Rabbi. Already shortly after exiting the program, rumors began to circulate that Chiara was excessively jealous of her boyfriend and that she deprived him of doing many things. Yet the two have never thought about responding to these rumors and have always focused on their relationship. Chiara also moved to Davide’s and started working in her family’s restaurant. At the beginning of the summer season, however, the two announced that they had distanced themselves. It was not long after the confirmation from those directly concerned that their story had come to an end.

The extreme gesture of Chiara. There is no longer any hope for a flashback. Here’s what David does

Nobody could believe it in the breakup of the couple. Amedeo Venza, king of gossip, had declared through his stories that the rumors about the alleged crisis were true but he hoped that Chiara and Davide could fix things since, unlike many other couples, they seemed to be creating solid foundations for a future together. Unfortunately, however, for the fans of the couple this was not the case. Davide made fans suspicious by leaving several messages on instagram suggesting that he felt too oppressed in his relationship. Chiara, at the umpteenth dig, replies that if she had really been a monster the relationship would never have gone on all this time.

She has never denied anything of her story and yet once she put a point there were many reports she received about her ex in the company of other women. So everyone believed that it was David who put an end to the story, who perhaps wanted to live his life more freely without feeling anchored to someone. The couple, when everything was pink and flowers, decided to adopt a little dog. Little Rocco was the mascot of their relationship. After the constant rumors of the alleged flirtations with other women, Chiara decided to take the dog.

Davide seems not to have taken his ex’s decision at all well and after spending the last night with his puppy, he decided to tattoo it to always carry it with him. It therefore seems that between the two there can be no flashback.

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