Demme apologizes to Anguissa for the social attack, the serene remains in Naples

The German midfielder, injured in training, had accused his teammate of not knowing how to manage

Not even time to become a real case that the social “pun” between Diego Demme And Zambo Anguissa returned. The midfielder of the Naples he was injured in training after a hard intervention by his Cameroonian teammate and on Instagram he accused him of not “knowing how to manage”. A public release that had surprised everyone a bit, but the turnaround was immediate. Always via social Demme he apologized to his partner: “I shouldn’t have said those things online.”

In Castel Volturno, therefore, the climate remained serene, at least according to what was reported by the same Demme a few hours after Napoli’s home debut in this Serie A against Monza: “I have already talked to my teammates and I apologized. The most important thing is the team and we are a united group. Forza Napoli always.”

In any case, the cuboid infraction of the left foot should keep out of the game Demme for one month.

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