“Dessers indispensable, Felix we will see. On Chiriches …”

Cremonese: Alvini’s words

Dessers was my forcing to let him play, in Milan he took a blow to the muscle but I didn’t want to give it up because for us it is essential even when he has problems, it gives depth. He will be very useful to us during the championship, he needs peace of mind and enjoys confidence. Felix arrived last week, he is a young boy and we will definitely see him. It’s up to us to improve him and make him a real footballer, we are working on it and he too will have the space of him. We are very happy, his time will come “.

About Radu

“Radu is great, in my opinion he was painted badly for a mistake last year. Sometimes he is a bit in his world, but he is very nice and we are growing him. He has numbers and qualities, then it is pleasant to talk to us and this is a point in its favor “.

On the first point

“This is the growth that the team has to do right now. We create different situations, but we are giving something in these situations, we could be more cynical and realize something more. But this is a significant point, for all of us and for Cremona. It is a sign of departure. We welcome it with the awareness that we are there too and we will have our say “.

About Castagnetti

“At a certain point in the second half we were struggling with their insertions because they have more leg and knowledge. We therefore put Castagnetti to have a greater dribble, a better management of possession. Zanimacchia was going into deficit and I wanted to have more quality when they came in. We held up well, taking home an important result, we had to move the classification “.

On Chiriches

“We missed Vlad, no one pointed it out but he had a problem in training camp and then in his back and we missed him. When we worked with the directors we identified him as the person who could help us and last year’s group in this. path and we are happy, but it must be only the first step of the path. I still expect a lot from him, he will help us with his experience “.


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