Dhl, Abbvie, Hilton the best jobs in Europe, Illimity the first Italian –

The best jobs in Europe? On the first three steps of the podium: DHL, logistics and transport sector, Abbvie, active in biotechnology and pharmaceutical products, Hilton, one of the main representatives of the global hospitality sector. And what are the qualities that make them the ideal place for every collaborator? Well-being (17%), respect (11%), fairness (+ 9%) and credibility are the key factors. This was revealed by the Best workplaces in Europe 2022 ranking, created by Great Place to work, in which there are the 150 best companies for which employees are happy to work in the Old Continent, chosen by 800,000 collaborators, representing 1.4 million people employed in over 3,000 companies in 21 European countries (

Italy second country for presence in the ranking

Focusing on Italy it can be seen that the second European country together with France for number of awarded companies (7%) behind only the United Kingdom (9%) but ahead of Germany and Spain (5%) and has an Illimity company that appears in thirteenth place in the 50 Best Large Companies ranking. Italy is also notable in the 50 Best medium companies list with Bending Spoons (6), Sidea (15) and Webranking (42) while two Italian companies (Fluentify and Nebulab Srl) have been awarded in the 25 Best Small Companies category. Also noteworthy is Chiesi Group, a company active in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical products sector, which is the only Italian company present in the ranking of multinationals (12 place), a ranking that usually does not give satisfaction to the Bel Paese, often the prerogative of large US groups. . Meritocracy, impartiality, fair pay and the possibility of participating in the profits of organizations are today the elements that differentiate these companies from all the others, says Alessandro Zollo, CEO of Great Place to Work Italia, which highlights in particular the return of sectors such as the “top hospitality” which in recent years had disappeared due to the pandemic.

The reasons for staying in the company

There are four main reasons that keep an employee in the company in this phase in which the phenomenon of “great resignation” is quite frequent, that is a fair remuneration, a level of trust in the managers, a job that satisfies one’s expectations and the presence of a ‘close-knit’ team. The main indicator taken into consideration in the analysis of the ranking of the best European companies is the Trust Index, the “trust” index which groups together issues such as credibility, respect, fairness, cohesion and pride. Here the Best Workplaces in Europe 2022 showed, in comparison with the companies awarded in the various national Best Workplaces rankings, the best results in terms of respect (+ 11%), credibility (+ 10%), equity (+ 9%), pride (+ 9%) and cohesion (+ 8%). Other important themes that emerged in the research concern the special and unique benefits obtained by collaborators with respect to which there is a difference of 19 percentage points (82% vs 63%) between the Best Workplaces in Europe 2022 and the companies awarded in the national rankings, the well-being of employees (59% vs 42%, + 17%), the feeling of receiving a fair share of the profits made by the organization (74% vs 57%, + 16%), the involvement of employees by the management business, in decisions regarding their duties or their job (83% vs 69%, + 14%), celebrating people experimenting with new and better ways of doing things (87% vs 73%) and offering to have professional training opportunities (85% in the Best Workplaces in Europe against 71% of the companies awarded in the national Best Workplaces rankings).

Meritocracy, fair pay, impartiality, listening: fundamental today

The ranking of the best working environments in Europe confirms how fundamental, in this historical moment, listening to people is: meritocracy, impartiality, but also a fair pay and the possibility of participating in the profits of organizations are today the elements that differentiate these companies than all the others – says Zollo -. A collaborator who has a positive experience in the workplace contributes directly to business success, allowing the company to challenge and beat the competition on the market. High levels of respect, fairness and well-being help create a high-trust work culture in which 90% of Best Workplaces in Europe 2022 employees would highly recommend their employer to friends and family and, in the same percentage, believe that the colleagues they work with are willing to give more to get their work done. Here, then, is how to prioritize your people in the company, helps European Best Workplaces to face new challenges along the company’s growth path at a time when the future of work is constantly being redefined, concludes Zollo.

The composition of the ranking

The ranking, divided into 4 categories (multinational companies, large companies, medium companies, small companies) based on the number of employees and the presence in several countries (multinationals, over 500, between 50 and 499, between 10 and 49), seen the best European organizations obtain, on average, a higher figure of 10 percentage points (89%) compared to those awarded in the various national rankings of Best Workplaces (79%). As regards the reference sectors, one third of the companies in the ranking (31%) active in the IT (information technology) sector, followed by the professional services asset (15%) and the financial and insurance services asset (11%) .

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