Did Aurora Baruto and Mura meet again? Here are all the clues

Aurora Baruto And Walls they met recently. It’s been about three weeks since the couple made it official End of Relationship. A news that really struck their fans but in the last few hours they have seen a new hope light up. Some photos and videos would seem to confirm that the two exes met again in the house where they lived together until some time ago. It’s really like this? Let’s analyze all the clues.

It all starts 48 hours ago on Instagram. Aurora Baruto and Mura both post the same photo of Er Gennaro in the stories. Then came the TikTok together with Adam Spoleti. Within hours, both of them published a video with the member of DamyTwins. The post that really surprised everyone, however, only arrived in the evening. Mura shared a movie with the hand trend. An arm and a hand appeared around the boy’s neck. Whose are they? Given the previous clues, there is no doubt: it is his ex. In addition, in the description she also put the butterfly emoji used together with a white heart to indicate the couple when they were still together.

So, while everyone already claims that you always go back to where you were good, can we really say that Aurora Baruto and Mura are getting closer? This of course we cannot know. The only sure thing is that they were in the same place. It should also be noted that Baruto, during the live broadcast in which she talked about the end of the relationship, revealed that they had remained on good terms. In any case, if there are other news we will keep you updated.

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