DIY yellow teeth whitening: here’s grandma’s secret trick

Natural teeth whitening is the cheapest choice compared to chemical bleaching, i.e. professional teeth whitening operated with hydrogen peroxide or other chemical lighteners. The ancient methods of natural whitening of the teeth are therefore opposed to the most modern treatments of cosmetic dentistry, reported to achieve an enviable smile and very white teeth.

Having white teeth and a bright smile is not always synonymous with clean and healthy teeth. Before using a whitening treatment, whether natural or chemical, a specialist dental visit is essential. In fact, it is up to the dentist to agree or not to whiten the teeth and to indicate the most suitable type.

In the presence of caries, gingivitis, pathologies of the oral cavity, pulpits or dental hypersensitivity, teeth whitening is recommended only after the underlying problem has been cured. This is why it is essential to undergo professional dental hygiene cyclically (every 6-12 months) and, at least once a year, to undergo dental checks.

As for whitening, let’s briefly remember that the worst enemies of white teeth are substances such as coffee, tea, chocolate and tobacco. Smoking, genetic predisposition and aging can also change the much desired dental cleaning. The natural remedies used in the past to whiten them are, still today, important measures to improve the aesthetics of the smile.

DIY yellow teeth whitening: here’s grandma’s secret trick

Natural whitening treatments are not all identical. Some are quite delicate and inexpensive, while others are more belligerent and can cause serious damage to the enamel. There are many natural dental whitening treatments that you can rely on. However, even if labeled as “natural”, it is always necessary to use them with moderation and prudence.

Baking soda is certainly one of the most widely known home and natural remedies for whitening them. The whitening action is carried out by abrasion. In fact, added to a few drops of water, the bicarbonate works as a natural whitening toothpaste for teeth. This whitening action can be enhanced by adding a few drops of juice to this paste lemon.

The efficiency of this natural whitener has been confirmed and recognized for some time, not surprisingly, it is almost always added to toothpastes to obtain a product with a natural whitening effect. So here’s how to whiten them naturally and with a do-it-yourself action.

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