DO NOT eat this fruit if you have high blood sugar – here’s the list

With the term “hyperglycemia” we mean that condition in which high fasting blood glucose values ​​greater than 100 mg / dl are compared. For the diagnosis of diabetes, a fasting glucose value greater than 126 mg / dl tested on at least two different days is sufficient. The underlying cause of hyperglycemia can be traced back to a lack of production of the hormone insulin or to its insufficient action.

Other causes may be: a lack or inadequate intake of therapy in diabetic subjects, an increased need for therapy for a simultaneous acute illness, excessive carbohydrate intake in predisposed subjects or intake of diabetic drugs. Today we will look at the relationship between fruit and high blood sugar.

Fruit is a healthy option both as a snack and as part of a balanced meal. It contains many relevant nutrients, such as fiber, vitamins and minerals. Fruits that display a high degree of fiber are able to help curb the absorption of blood sugar. However, some fruits have a high sugar content, which can cause blood sugar spikes.

DO NOT eat this fruit if you have high blood sugar – here’s the list

For many diabetics, the decrease in fruit consumption is a limitation experienced as a poorly tolerated food deprivation and restriction. Diabetics, especially those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus, require more accurate and timely blood glucose monitoring than healthy people. In this regard, the nutrition specialist, nutritionist or dietician. In the diet of a diabetic subject, fruit must also be included daily, however, specialists will advise to limit the intake of very sugary fruits.

The glycemic index (GI) shows how much a specified food can raise a person’s blood sugar after consumption. For example, according to the frequent classification, if a food has an Ig score between 70 and 100, it is full of sugars, such as: watermelons, dried dates, pineapples and overripe bananas. These fruits are to be enjoyed regularly and if possible to be totally avoided for a person with diabetes. Consuming larger portions of fruit with a lower glycemic index may be better for a person with diabetes.

Most of the others fruits has a low to medium Ig score. Kiwano melon also has a good glycemic index. So here’s how to behave with fruit if you suffer from high blood sugar.

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